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Oct. 13th, 2011 12:37 am
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Dubbug: *watches csi* >.<
Flewellyn: You like that show?
Dubbug: soso
Dubbug: I used to watch it muchs
Flewellyn: I don't know.
Flewellyn: I just thought...
Flewellyn: *puts on sunglasses*
Flewellyn: ...it might bug you.
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Dubbug: *peek*
Flewellyn: *sneak up on Gubbie*
Dubbug: *looks around*
Dubbug: hum
Dubbug: must be my imagination
Dubbug: *eat food*
Flewellyn: Shhh! Be vewwy vewwy qwiet.
Flewellyn: Ah'm huntin' Gubbies! Heahahahahahaha.
Dubbug: hmm? oh, oki! *whisper*
Dubbug: ooo!!!
Dubbug: I wanna hunt gubbies tooo!!!
Dubbug: I heard they eat bananas!
Flewellyn: ...wait, you are Gubbie.
Dubbug: so?
Dubbug: are you being a meanie and not letting me join you in your hunting!?
Flewellyn: So how would you hunt yourself?
Dubbug: I'm talented
Flewellyn: Ahhh, okay.
Flewellyn: Well, sure you can.
Flewellyn: Aha, there's one! *POUNCE*
Dubbug: *OMPH*!
Flewellyn: Oops, sorry.
Dubbug: no fair!! you distracted meeee! (whine)
Flewellyn: *picks up gubbie*
Flewellyn: Here you go.
Dubbug: *catch*
Dubbug: ah HAH! *I* caught it!
Flewellyn: You caught...yourself?
Dubbug: yesh
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Dubbug: *wiggle* I bought something from the dollar store awhile back
Flewellyn: Oh, what?
Dubbug: it's a light!
Dubbug: solar powered light
Flewellyn: Oooh.
Flewellyn: ...wait.
Flewellyn: Solar powered...light?
Dubbug: yes!
Dubbug: innit cooool!?
Flewellyn: So...it has to have light shining on it, in order to shine.
Dubbug: tee hee hee
Flewellyn: Umm...
Dubbug: I wish, if it did that, I'd send it to you for present ^^
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Dubbug: I'm not entirely sure what it is about japanese ppls and poop


Mar. 14th, 2011 12:21 am
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So, I just spent some time explaining to Dubbug how nuclear reactors work, so she could understand what was happening in Japan.

Her reaction:

Dubbug: so basically they're just boiling water in there!?
Flewellyn: Yes, that's exactly what they're doing.
Flewellyn: It's like a big pressure cooker.
Flewellyn: But the heat's coming from the nuclear reactions in the uranium fuel.
Dubbug: would it be safe to cook my mushrooms in there?
Flewellyn: Uhh...if you like radioactive mushrooms.
Flewellyn: I don't think you would.
Dubbug: will it make me grow big?
Flewellyn: No, but it might make you have cancer.

I think she was hoping the mushrooms would be like in Super Mario Bros.
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Dubbug: *dead*
Flewellyn: Hi bug!
Flewellyn: Why are you dead?
Dubbug: why not?
Flewellyn: Because dead is bad?
Dubbug: no, then I ccan be undead
Flewellyn: Oh.
Flewellyn: Brains?
Dubbug: no
Dubbug: I don't got brains
Dubbug: peaaaaas
Flewellyn: I mean, do you want brains?
Dubbug: *eat all your peas*
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Dubbug: how's flew?
Flewellyn: Pretty good.
Flewellyn: I had good dinner.
Dubbug: ooo
Dubbug: turkey?
Flewellyn: Nope.
Flewellyn: Hungarian goulash.
Dubbug: GHOULS!??!?!!?
Flewellyn: No, goulash.
Flewellyn: It's a kind of beef gravy dish.
Dubbug: it's not even hallowe'en yet!!!
Dubbug: wha?!
Flewellyn: With paprika.
Dubbug: ghouls aren't made of beef you know...?
Flewellyn: This has nothing to do with ghouls.
Flewellyn: It's just a coincidence of spelling.
Dubbug: erk
Dubbug: I doubt it!
Dubbug: I bet it was some sneaky secret thing waaaaaaay back
Dubbug: and ppl just forgot it
Dubbug: ...or the secret managed to NOT leak, for once
Flewellyn: You absurd bug.
Dubbug: am not!
Flewellyn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goulash
Dubbug: I am most definately not a bean curd!
Dubbug: wait...absurd?
Dubbug: what's that?
Flewellyn: It means very silly.
Dubbug: oh, definately not that, either
Flewellyn: Yup.
Dubbug: it's HAS to have ghouls in it NOW!
Flewellyn: Witches can make perfectly good food, you know.
Dubbug: so?
Dubbug: I never said ghouls were not tastey
Flewellyn: Hmm.
Dubbug: I just never had them before
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Talking about Engrish with Dubbug:

Dubbug: I like when I went to china
Dubbug: they had kfc there
Dubbug: you know kfc uses the slogan "we do chicken right"?
Flewellyn: Yes?
Dubbug: they translated it to chinese
Dubbug: exactly like that
Flewellyn: How did it come out?
Dubbug: but if you read it, it means "it's right for us to be prostitutes"
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Dubbug: *give you block*
Flewellyn: Gubbie!
Flewellyn: A block?
Dubbug: yup
Flewellyn: What's it for?
Dubbug: it's a writer's block
Dubbug: *wiggle*
Flewellyn: But...people don't WANT to have writer's block.
Dubbug: I know! that's why I gave it away
Dubbug: *halo*
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dubbug make me food too while you're at it! *halo*
Flewellyn Okay.
Flewellyn *gets out some bread*
dubbug bread?
dubbug ohh!
dubbug *sits on it*
dubbug fluffy~
Flewellyn *puts lettuce, onion, and pickles on the bread*
dubbug EEP!
Flewellyn *adds ketchup and mustard*
dubbug @@
dubbug noo!
Flewellyn *puts the other slice of bread on top*
dubbug *wriggle*
Flewellyn Gubbie sandwich!
dubbug don't eat me!!!!
Flewellyn What? BUt...you said to make you food!
dubbug *chew on the leaf*
dubbug mmmph phhrrrr!!
Flewellyn Wait, you didn't mean make you INTO food, did you?
dubbug @@
dubbug *ltremble*
dubbug how could you! evil flew!!
dubbug evil evil!
Flewellyn I'm just kidding.
Flewellyn I wouldn't eat you!
dubbug don't eat meeeeee
dubbug *paranoid*
dubbug but you made me into a sandwich
Flewellyn I'd never eat you, Gubbie!
Flewellyn I'd just be hungry again in an hour.
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But I really couldn't help it! This was just too good.

Flewellyn I just got a spam email from "Whwcxlibfllh Azqbmryisnswuql"
dubbug are you sure it's spam?
dubbug I'm pretty sure they had important matters to tell you
dubbug and mebbe they had a spasm in their arm that made them typo their name
Flewellyn Something about a lesbian transsexual and her penis.
dubbug uhm
dubbug mebbe it was important?
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dubbug why do people say "a penny for your thoughts"?
Flewellyn I don't know.
dubbug and they don't even give me the penny afterwards!!
dubbug plus, my thoughts are worth more than just a penny...they're hard to come by, so they're rare
dubbug AND, I don't think that much, so extra rarity
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dubbug what's "autodidactic" mean?
Eyerleth Self-taught.
dubbug oh
Eyerleth auto = self
dubbug auto = car
Eyerleth didact = teacher
Eyerleth Well, auto = car because car = automobile.
Eyerleth Which means "self-moving"
dubbug mobile = dangly thing
Eyerleth Well, yes, because it moves.
dubbug so...
dubbug self-moving dangly thing?
Eyerleth Mobile is just a dangly thing that moves.
Eyerleth It's not an automobile.
dubbug but..
dubbug auto = self, self moving dangly thing = automobile
dubbug ...= car?!?!?!
dubbug a car is a self moving dangly thing?!
Eyerleth No...
Eyerleth It's just a self-moving thing.
dubbug and then, autodidactic = self moving dangly thing teacher!??!?!?!
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Eyerleth: I just ate sandwiches.
dubbug: what sandwiches?
Eyerleth: Turkey ham.
dubbug: wow...turkey and ham....
dubbug: mmm
Eyerleth: No, it's "turkey ham".
Eyerleth: Turkey, cured like a ham.
dubbug: was it sick?
Eyerleth: No.
Eyerleth: No, I mean preserved.
dubbug: MUMMY TURKEY!?!??!??!
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Eyerleth: What are you sewing?
dubbug@mac.com: cloth
Eyerleth: Yes, but what for?
dubbug@mac.com: so that they stay together
Eyerleth: Oh.
Eyerleth: I mean, what are you making?
dubbug@mac.com: stitches
Eyerleth: *shakes head*
dubbug@mac.com: *nod head*
Eyerleth: What is the ultimate goal? Are you making a pillow?
dubbug@mac.com: no
dubbug@mac.com: the ultimate goal, is, of coz, taking over the world
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dubbug@mac.com: woaaaah!
dubbug@mac.com: what kinda name is "caroline of schleswig-holstein-sonderburg-augustenburg"?!?!
dubbug@mac.com: that must've been one nasty trick on the kid...
dubbug@mac.com: I remember how much trouble *I* had trying to spell MY name in school....
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From a phone conversation with Dubbug:

Flewellyn: No, I think I have a good point.
Dubbug: No you don't! I shall steal it!
Flewellyn: But...what would you do with a Flew point? It wouldn't match all of your Gubbie points.
Dubbug: That's okay, I can still poke you with it. It would be ironic!

Cue at least two minutes of me laughing hysterically.

Dubbug: Umm...it could be made out of steel! It doesn't have to be iron!

See, Dane? THAT'S comedy.
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Flewellyn: Good point.
Dubbug: *poke you with point*
Flewellyn: OW
Flewellyn: You don't have to do that every time!
Dubbug: *admire*
Dubbug: you really know when the point is good!
Dubbug: *save point for later uses*
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Flewellyn: We should make death illegal.
dubbug: *agree*
dubbug: and if someone breaks the law
dubbug: it should be a death penalty!


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