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If zombies really DID invade, I would not worry. Miette would protect me.

Oh, sure, first she'd go up to the zombies to beg for pettins, but when she realized that the zombies A) were not going to pet her, B) smelled DEAD, and C) smelled like MEAT, she would just eat them.
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Well, that was fun.

Odd happening today: I think I ran into a vegan zombie.

He kept saying, "Graaaaaaains..."
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Okay, I just got the latest word on the "zombie" business. It looks like the bombing in Glyndon did the trick. News said that they dropped several thermobaric weapons on the town, and blew everything to hell. Well, everything that was there, anyway...Glyndon was a small town, only 1000 people or so. Still, I'm sure someone will mourn a couple of the bars.

Those zombies that weren't in Glyndon when it was hit got stuck in the mud, and the Apaches took care of them, along with the AC-130s. It's not easy for living people to move through flooded fields, so I imagine the zombies had even more trouble. It probably helped that we got yet another massive downpour today. Weird weather.

That odd smell seems to have left the air. Or maybe it's just masked by the smell of smoke. Lots of smoke in the air.

Well, I got word that it's considered safe to move around in the city, so I'm gonna go home. Word is they may open the north, south, and west roads to the city tomorrow morning. No word on what's happening east of here, though.

And now, back to your regular universe.


Jun. 13th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Ten minutes ago, several F/A-18s flew in, fuelled up, and then took off to the east.

Five minutes ago I heard a huge BOOM from the east. Checked the news, and the planes have started bombing the area around Glyndon.

Apparently the town is considered a loss. Everyone who is still alive from Glyndon has fled west. State Patrol and National Guard are out in force. They've moved the barricade back as far as Dilworth. That gives them about 5 miles of breathing room.

I just saw a news video clip of what they're fighting. Looks like people, but very pale and often rotting. A lot like the guy that the national guard troops shot at the airport. Thanks to the large amount of rain we've had, the creatures are getting bogged down in muddy fields, where they're easily picked off by helicopters. The folks on the news said that the only real "movement" is along the roads, but that there's enough of them to have people worried. Hence, the bombing.

Shit, Glyndon is just 8 miles from my house. 8 miles. If they can't hold the line...
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Now the latest word is that they're blocking off the roads west of here, at the edge of West Fargo. The police and National Guard have cordoned off I-29 in both the north and south directions as well. And they've got troops stationed at all the bridges between Fargo and Moorhead, watching for suspicious traffic. No word yet if they're patrolling the waterfront.

Friend of mine who works for police dispatch told me that they've been getting an unusual number of calls reporting assault by strangers out in the Dilworth area, east of Moorhead. In this town, any number of such calls is unusual, but this is weird beyond weird. It sounds like whatever they were trying to keep from getting past Glyndon, got past them.

Uh oh.

Jun. 13th, 2007 01:45 pm
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My coworker, Ron, got back from lunch late. He said that he heard on the news that something odd was going on. The National Guard and the State Patrol have barricaded I-94 out past Glyndon. Apparently something odd is going down in Minneapolis; access to and from the Twin Cities is restricted.

They've stopped allowing flights in to the airport, too.

I'll say more when I know more.


Jun. 13th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Airport security told me they'd get someone right on it. I assumed "someone" would be a security guard.

Instead, a whole squad of soldiers from the National Guard building rushed over there in a Humvee and SHOT the guy. A lot! With M-16s!

Weird thing is, he didn't go down right away. He was just staggering a lot, and then I think one of the soldiers hit him in the head. Then he went down. And then they doused the body with gasoline and set it on fire. Right on the runway!

That tears it, I'm checking the news. Something weird's going on.
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I just saw several passenger jets land at the airport. Ordinarily I wouldn't think anything of this, but several of them are from airlines you don't normally see up here. AirTran, for instance, never flies to Fargo.

They seem to be parking the planes off to the side, since the gates are full.

Wait a sec...I just saw someone fall out of the cargo hold of one of the planes. Looks like a stowaway. I can't tell from this distance, but it looks like a guy. He seems...unhealthy. Not walking very fast, and he seems a bit pale.

I'm gonna call over to airport security and let them know.

The hell?

Jun. 13th, 2007 12:52 pm
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I'm on lunch break now, and I took a look out at the airfield. Ordinarily I see a few planes take off or land around noon, but this noon there seems to be a lot of military jets coming through. Since the F-16s were retired, I haven't seen a lot of military planes except for the C-130s.

But today, I just saw not only a bunch of C-130s, but several F/A-18s, a group of A-10s of all things, and a squadron of F-22s. I have never seen an F-22 up close. I would think they were in town for the Fargo Airshow this weekend, except they didn't stick around. They landed just long enough to refuel and then took off again.

I took a look at their flight path out my window. They're all heading east.
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Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. A month, actually. I've been rather busy.

Today is very strange, though. I got up to drive to work, and noticed that the town was very quiet. Quieter than usual, I mean; Fargo-Moorhead is not exactly a bustling burg, but usually I hear some traffic noise. Not much today.

Odd smell over the town, too. I don't mean the normal "sugar beet plant" smell, which is disgusting but familiar (for those not in the know, it smells like a savory mix of skunk musk, rotting eggs, and used sanitary napkins). This was different; it had an almost spicy undertone, like incense.

I noticed on the drive up to work that the turkeys were out in force. The males were fluffing feathers at anything that passed them by, and the females were herding their chicks away from people. Usually they don't care much about people, though they're smart enough to avoid the cars on the roads.

We've had a lot of rain lately, so there's a lot of standing water in various ditches. Usually said pools of water do not have coatings of greenish slime over them, however.

And why weren't there more people around on the drive up? It was raining, so I imagine the kids would not be playing outdoors, but I didn't see many cars, either.

Something strange is going on.


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