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I ran my name through the Peculiar Aristocratic Title Generator several times, but didn't get anything that was truly me.

So I came up with a few for myself!

  • His Honorable Whatsit Flewellyn the Surreal of Tupping Liberty

  • His Obstreperous Majesty Flewellyn the Capricious of Madness Aforethought

  • Spectacularly Reverend Lord Flewellyn the Sesquepedalian of Congealed Puddington

  • Most Noisome Excellency the Duke Flewellyn the Endomorphic of Feline in the Bucket

  • and,

  • His Occasional Competency Discount Flewellyn the Hydrogenated of Globular Wednesdayshire

  • Got any of your own? Don't use the generator! Come up with them yourself!
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A couple of years ago I tried to invent a meme. I decided that I would try again. I think it's a fun one.

Okay, here's the deal: it's a simple three-question memey-type thingy.

Question the First: If you could have any one super power, what would it be, and why? What would be the origin of this super power? Would it be natural, learned, or have a contrived and convoluted origin, ala "radioactive spider"?

Question the Second: Given that you had the above super power, what would you do with it? Would you fight crime, evil, and injustice? Perform public services? Do superpowered performance art? Become a supervillain and try to take over the world? Or just be a lazy schmoe who used the power to coast through life?

And, Question the Third: What would your superhero/villain/whatever name be? Or would you use your own name? And would you wear a costume? What kind? Would you have a sidekick, or henchmen/women/robots/mutants?

Answer in comments!

(If you answered two years ago, you don't have to repeat it now. But you can.)


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