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Maja: what up G?
Flewellyn: Hmm...
Flewellyn: Up is the direction away from the center of a gravitaionally significant body…and G is the gravitational constant...
Flewellyn: So...
Flewellyn: *does some calculations*
Flewellyn: I would say 9.8 m/s^2
Flewellyn: More or less.
Flewellyn: How about you?
Maja: What! Let me finish. Of course, "G" was also used to refer to the "God" in another person and recognizing their divinty during the 60's civil rights movement
Maja: so put that in your computer and crunch it.
Flewellyn: *does so*

I had to.

Oct. 13th, 2011 12:37 am
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Dubbug: *watches csi* >.<
Flewellyn: You like that show?
Dubbug: soso
Dubbug: I used to watch it muchs
Flewellyn: I don't know.
Flewellyn: I just thought...
Flewellyn: *puts on sunglasses*
Flewellyn: ...it might bug you.
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Dubbug: *peek*
Flewellyn: *sneak up on Gubbie*
Dubbug: *looks around*
Dubbug: hum
Dubbug: must be my imagination
Dubbug: *eat food*
Flewellyn: Shhh! Be vewwy vewwy qwiet.
Flewellyn: Ah'm huntin' Gubbies! Heahahahahahaha.
Dubbug: hmm? oh, oki! *whisper*
Dubbug: ooo!!!
Dubbug: I wanna hunt gubbies tooo!!!
Dubbug: I heard they eat bananas!
Flewellyn: ...wait, you are Gubbie.
Dubbug: so?
Dubbug: are you being a meanie and not letting me join you in your hunting!?
Flewellyn: So how would you hunt yourself?
Dubbug: I'm talented
Flewellyn: Ahhh, okay.
Flewellyn: Well, sure you can.
Flewellyn: Aha, there's one! *POUNCE*
Dubbug: *OMPH*!
Flewellyn: Oops, sorry.
Dubbug: no fair!! you distracted meeee! (whine)
Flewellyn: *picks up gubbie*
Flewellyn: Here you go.
Dubbug: *catch*
Dubbug: ah HAH! *I* caught it!
Flewellyn: You caught...yourself?
Dubbug: yesh
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LimpingPigeon: Anywho... I must sleep.
LimpingPigeon: gotta be up in... five and a half hours. Ugh.
LimpingPigeon: Stupid job.
LimpingPigeon: Stupid work.
Flewellyn: Aww.
Flewellyn: Gnight Pigeon.
LimpingPigeon: I need to win lots of money so I cna quit and just draw all the time.
Flewellyn: *tuck tuck*
LimpingPigeon: and play video games.
Flewellyn: Or maybe get some more work doing drawing.
LimpingPigeon: and read manga.
LimpingPigeon: and buy a little tiny saddle to put on Morris.
Flewellyn: ...what?
LimpingPigeon: and tranquilizers so I can put the saddle on him without him shredding me.
Flewellyn: Why do you want to...
Flewellyn: I mean, WHAT?
LimpingPigeon: So I can give the bunnies riding lessons.
Flewellyn: You're...doing this on purpose, aren't you?
LimpingPigeon: *innocent look*
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LimpingPigeon is reading about odd urban legends related to conception

LimpingPigeon: Hahah. "Douchin with Coca-Cola" that's one I hadn't heard before.
LimpingPigeon: I always say i'll try anything once, but I don't really think I want to squirt Cola into my vagina.
LimpingPigeon: I mean... it would get all sticky.
Flewellyn: *snrk*
LimpingPigeon: And the carbonation would just feel really weird.
LimpingPigeon: I do not want a fizzy vagina. That would just be wrong.
LimpingPigeon: Although it would be a great band name.
Flewellyn: Fizzy Vagina?
LimpingPigeon: Yep.
LimpingPigeon: Y'know... they could be a kind of sexy pop band.
LimpingPigeon: *ducks*
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Dubbug: *dead*
Flewellyn: Hi bug!
Flewellyn: Why are you dead?
Dubbug: why not?
Flewellyn: Because dead is bad?
Dubbug: no, then I ccan be undead
Flewellyn: Oh.
Flewellyn: Brains?
Dubbug: no
Dubbug: I don't got brains
Dubbug: peaaaaas
Flewellyn: I mean, do you want brains?
Dubbug: *eat all your peas*
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Flewellyn: I just had another one of those holy shit moments.
LimpingPigeon: I warned you about those bran communion wafers.
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Dubbug: how's flew?
Flewellyn: Pretty good.
Flewellyn: I had good dinner.
Dubbug: ooo
Dubbug: turkey?
Flewellyn: Nope.
Flewellyn: Hungarian goulash.
Dubbug: GHOULS!??!?!!?
Flewellyn: No, goulash.
Flewellyn: It's a kind of beef gravy dish.
Dubbug: it's not even hallowe'en yet!!!
Dubbug: wha?!
Flewellyn: With paprika.
Dubbug: ghouls aren't made of beef you know...?
Flewellyn: This has nothing to do with ghouls.
Flewellyn: It's just a coincidence of spelling.
Dubbug: erk
Dubbug: I doubt it!
Dubbug: I bet it was some sneaky secret thing waaaaaaay back
Dubbug: and ppl just forgot it
Dubbug: ...or the secret managed to NOT leak, for once
Flewellyn: You absurd bug.
Dubbug: am not!
Flewellyn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goulash
Dubbug: I am most definately not a bean curd!
Dubbug: wait...absurd?
Dubbug: what's that?
Flewellyn: It means very silly.
Dubbug: oh, definately not that, either
Flewellyn: Yup.
Dubbug: it's HAS to have ghouls in it NOW!
Flewellyn: Witches can make perfectly good food, you know.
Dubbug: so?
Dubbug: I never said ghouls were not tastey
Flewellyn: Hmm.
Dubbug: I just never had them before
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Talking about Engrish with Dubbug:

Dubbug: I like when I went to china
Dubbug: they had kfc there
Dubbug: you know kfc uses the slogan "we do chicken right"?
Flewellyn: Yes?
Dubbug: they translated it to chinese
Dubbug: exactly like that
Flewellyn: How did it come out?
Dubbug: but if you read it, it means "it's right for us to be prostitutes"
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LimpingPigeon: http://newmedia.funnyjunk.com/pictures/CamelSpiderPoster.jpg
Flewellyn: GAAH
Flewellyn: Probably because they're very successful predators?
Flewellyn: By whom?
LimpingPigeon: ?
Flewellyn: Who should do the allowing?
LimpingPigeon: ME!!!
Flewellyn: Ohh.
LimpingPigeon: And I say that those things are just UNCALLED FOR!
Flewellyn: Why?
Flewellyn: I think they're kinda cool.
LimpingPigeon: Because they're huge and icky!
Flewellyn: So is Donald Trump, but...
LimpingPigeon: ... you win
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LimpingPigeon: Here's a phrase I did not expect to read today "The Correct Use of Christian Porn". And yet, there it is.
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So I was talking to my friend Kitling, and...


Flewellyn: I feel weird.
Kitling: you are weird
Flewellyn: Well, yes, but I mean in a bad way.
Kitling: wait... are you growing extra limbs of some sort?
Flewellyn: Vaguely nauseated.
Flewellyn: Oh, uh, let me check.
Flewellyn: Hmm...no, doesn't seem so.
Kitling: cause that usually feels pretty odd
Flewellyn: Indeed.
Kitling: are you pregnant?
Flewellyn: Err, pretty sure I can't be.
Kitling: you never know
Kitling: but we'll put it at the bottom of the list
Flewellyn: Yeah...
Flewellyn: Although it would be funny for me to buy a pregnancy test.
Kitling: heh. yeah
Flewellyn: It's similar to the idea from XKCD, of standing in the produce section of the supermarket with a can of lube, looking contemplative.
Kitling: heeheehee
Flewellyn: Or, try to find the combination of items that most freaks out a cashiere.
Kitling: heehee
Flewellyn: XKCD's winner so far: home pregnancy test and coat hanger.
Kitling: diapers and a ball-peen hammer
Flewellyn: Uhhhhh...
Flewellyn: *brain breaks*
Kitling: *wins*
Flewellyn: Or, how about a nail gun and a can of lube?
Kitling: *falls over laughing*
Kitling: lube and a dog-training video
Flewellyn: GAAAH
Kitling: heh
Flewellyn: Lube with just about anything, really.
Kitling: true
Flewellyn: Helium canister and a box of condoms.
Kitling: though in portland you can get lube and the things that are supposed to go with it at about 1,000,000 places
Flewellyn: Oh, I got one.
Kitling: we have the highest per-capita porn stores and strip clubs in the country
Flewellyn: A nature video and a big box of tissues.
Kitling: ....odd
Flewellyn: Like you were going to jerk off while watching it.
Kitling: not freaky. just seems like you'd be crying a lot
Flewellyn: Oh.
Kitling: add in lotion, then, ok
Kitling: remember, it doesn't have to just be two things
Flewellyn: Condoms, baby oil, and a jackhammer.
Kitling: HA
Kitling: are we sticking to the grocery store?
Flewellyn: A shovel, quicklime, and a set of handcuffs.
Kitling: niiiiice
Flewellyn: Oh, and a box of ammo.
Flewellyn: Okay, now, that one gets a bit too disturbing.
Kitling: nah, cause you could jsut beat someone to death with the shovel
Flewellyn: *thinks*
Kitling: adding the ammo shows intent, and is enough for a warrant
Flewellyn: True.
Flewellyn: Of course, you wouldn't actually have done anything, so the police would find nothing.
Flewellyn: Still, a bit too disturbing.
Flewellyn: I prefer to go with the "pervert" idea.
Kitling: true, but if you're buying AS IF you were going to do something, you'd have thought of that
Kitling: oh, yeah, I'm much more about being a pervert than being violent
Flewellyn: A staple gun, a caulking gun, and a box of adult diapers.
Kitling: ......aaaand you win
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Flewellyn: I forget, how old are you again?
LimpingPigeon: THIS MANY! *holds up all her fingers, and a whole handfull of extra fingers she keeps in a box under her bed*
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LimpingPigeon: Drawing rings on a planet should be simple!
LimpingPigeon: Why is it not simple???
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: And what's the deal with Uranus?
Flewellyn: What do you mean?
Flewellyn: Tilted on its axis?
LimpingPigeon: With it's crazy sideways rotation axis and shit.
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: Where does it get off?
Flewellyn: Hehehe.
LimpingPigeon: Why can't it just rotate like the other planets?
Flewellyn: Not sure. I think the latest theory is that some other object moved past it and perturbed its orbit.
LimpingPigeon: Well, it should just get over it and get its act together.
LimpingPigeon: I mean, we can't just have planets spinning sideways all over the place.
LimpingPigeon: What will the other solar systems think?
LimpingPigeon: It's how rumors start.
Flewellyn: They will think "Jessi's a geek!"
LimpingPigeon: Gliese 581c is a notorious gossip, you know.
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Dubbug: *give you block*
Flewellyn: Gubbie!
Flewellyn: A block?
Dubbug: yup
Flewellyn: What's it for?
Dubbug: it's a writer's block
Dubbug: *wiggle*
Flewellyn: But...people don't WANT to have writer's block.
Dubbug: I know! that's why I gave it away
Dubbug: *halo*
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LimpingPigeon: And it's totally NORMAL and NOT geeky that I realized today that I am disappointed I no longer have the periodic table of elements memorized.
Flewellyn: I'm quoting you on that.
Flewellyn: *posts*
LimpingPigeon: What is geeky about just wanting to not have to look up the atomic weight of Tungsten?
Flewellyn: *edits post*
LimpingPigeon: It could come up in conversation at ANY MOMENT!
LimpingPigeon: Admittedly, only because all of my friends are incurable geeks.
Flewellyn: *edits post AGAIN*
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dubbug make me food too while you're at it! *halo*
Flewellyn Okay.
Flewellyn *gets out some bread*
dubbug bread?
dubbug ohh!
dubbug *sits on it*
dubbug fluffy~
Flewellyn *puts lettuce, onion, and pickles on the bread*
dubbug EEP!
Flewellyn *adds ketchup and mustard*
dubbug @@
dubbug noo!
Flewellyn *puts the other slice of bread on top*
dubbug *wriggle*
Flewellyn Gubbie sandwich!
dubbug don't eat me!!!!
Flewellyn What? BUt...you said to make you food!
dubbug *chew on the leaf*
dubbug mmmph phhrrrr!!
Flewellyn Wait, you didn't mean make you INTO food, did you?
dubbug @@
dubbug *ltremble*
dubbug how could you! evil flew!!
dubbug evil evil!
Flewellyn I'm just kidding.
Flewellyn I wouldn't eat you!
dubbug don't eat meeeeee
dubbug *paranoid*
dubbug but you made me into a sandwich
Flewellyn I'd never eat you, Gubbie!
Flewellyn I'd just be hungry again in an hour.
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LimpingPigeon Today I discovered that maybe "vitamin water" isn't such an absurd thing after all.
Flewellyn OH?
LimpingPigeon Yeah. I've always sort of been against the idea of upgrading water.


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