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2014-07-13 11:00 pm

Rolling right inuit.

Sometimes I think about Canada's newest, northernmost territory, and wonder why it's not a fully-fledged province in its own right.

But then I picture the Inuit being asked if they'd prefer to have a new province, rather than just an autonomous territory, and they had a look at provincial politics and said "No, thanks, we'll have Nunavut."
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2014-05-17 12:59 am

Cat dynamics

So, some of you may be wondering how Miette and Bella are getting on, particularly in the years since Yitzak died. The answer is "Well enough, I guess."

In the weeks immediately following Yitzak's death, Bella needed a LOT of comforting snuggles. She would spend a lot of time cuddling with me, and Miette, normally very jealous of her Flewtime, would give Bella all the space she needed. Also, she would sometimes snuggle Bella herself, which I had never seen her do before.

But, that did not last. Since then, they have settled into a more typical level of affection for their prior relationship, which is to say, none whatsoever. You're familiar with the "love/hate relationship"? This is more of a "tolerate/hate relationship".

Normally, Miette will growl whenever Bella gets too close to her. What defines "too close" depends on the vagaries of Miette's mood, and can vary between "a few inches" and "in the same room or even in view at all". What defines Miette's mood depends on how much sleep she's had, where she is sitting, whether or not she is eating or using the litter box, the time of day, phase of the moon, tidal forces from Jupiter, and the current air pressure inside Miette's skull.

Bella, for her part, is not intimidated by Miette, but generally gives her her space out of, well, if not respect, at least a lack of desire to deal with her growly, whiny fussing. Usually, if this means Miette chases Bella away from me so that she can take over snuggling duties, Bella just leaves; sometimes, however, Bella gets tired of it, bites Miette on the ass, and then runs away as Miette furiously chases after her, hissing and growling. I imagine Bella making the Curly Howard "whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop!" noise as she runs off.

Every so often, though, something will get into Miette's head (probably dust) that convinces her to be nice, and I will find the two of them cuddling together. Usually this happens when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, and find them curled up together on the couch.

While adorable, this never ends well. Inevitably, what will happen is this: Bella will decide "We snuggled, this means we are friends now, this means we can PLAAAAAAY!" She will then gleefully pounce on Miette. Miette, who does not do "play" or "roughhousing" or "movement in general", will interpret this as an attack and engage in furious howling and hissing, and then run away as fast as she can. The end result will be Bella looking very confused and slightly sad, and Miette hunching over in a corner defensively with a "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!" look on her face.

On the bright side, they don't try to injure each other, and they share food and space willingly enough, as long as they're separated from each other. So it's usually a kind of uneasy detente, much like the Cold War, but with less nuclear weapons and slightly more hissing.
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2012-08-13 06:19 pm

A sudden realization

If, horror of horrors, Mitt Romney were to win the election, do you know what this means?

PAUL RYAN would be only a lack-of-heartbeat away from the Presidency!
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2012-07-13 10:40 pm

It wasn't the last question, this time...

Maja: what up G?
Flewellyn: Hmm...
Flewellyn: Up is the direction away from the center of a gravitaionally significant body…and G is the gravitational constant...
Flewellyn: So...
Flewellyn: *does some calculations*
Flewellyn: I would say 9.8 m/s^2
Flewellyn: More or less.
Flewellyn: How about you?
Maja: What! Let me finish. Of course, "G" was also used to refer to the "God" in another person and recognizing their divinty during the 60's civil rights movement
Maja: so put that in your computer and crunch it.
Flewellyn: *does so*
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2012-06-21 04:28 pm

I need to post more, so here's something quick:

Grant me the Serenity to accept what I can't change, the Big Damn Heroes to change what I can, and the Captain Mal to say "Screw the difference, I aim to misbehave."
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2011-12-29 12:14 am

Special interest

So, I've been trying to get a small interest group going in my town, and I had a bunch of positive replies from various folks in the community. I had a first meeting planned tonight at our local Barnes and Noble, but, alas, nobody showed up.

It's odd. You'd think there'd be more interest in a book club for ninjas...
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2011-11-10 11:25 pm

11/11/11: For their honor

Today, I want to say thank you to our nation's vets. All of you.

Because of your hard work and sacrifice, all of our cats, dogs, hamster, gerbils, mice, rats, birds, and farm animals are healthier, happier, and safer.

Yes, whether it be vaccinating my cats against rabies and other diseases, or performing surgery to fix a horse's broken leg, all of our domestic animals and the humans who love them owe our vets a debt of gratitude...hang on...

*mumble whisper*

...wait...VETERANS Day?!

Oh. That's very different.

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2011-10-13 12:37 am

I had to.

Dubbug: *watches csi* >.<
Flewellyn: You like that show?
Dubbug: soso
Dubbug: I used to watch it muchs
Flewellyn: I don't know.
Flewellyn: I just thought...
Flewellyn: *puts on sunglasses*
Flewellyn: ...it might bug you.
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2011-09-23 03:30 pm

Stop me if you've heard this one before

"We don't allow faster than light neutrinos in here," said the bartender.

So, this neutrino walked into a bar.
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2011-08-27 01:18 am

I still think this is cheating.

Dubbug: *peek*
Flewellyn: *sneak up on Gubbie*
Dubbug: *looks around*
Dubbug: hum
Dubbug: must be my imagination
Dubbug: *eat food*
Flewellyn: Shhh! Be vewwy vewwy qwiet.
Flewellyn: Ah'm huntin' Gubbies! Heahahahahahaha.
Dubbug: hmm? oh, oki! *whisper*
Dubbug: ooo!!!
Dubbug: I wanna hunt gubbies tooo!!!
Dubbug: I heard they eat bananas!
Flewellyn: ...wait, you are Gubbie.
Dubbug: so?
Dubbug: are you being a meanie and not letting me join you in your hunting!?
Flewellyn: So how would you hunt yourself?
Dubbug: I'm talented
Flewellyn: Ahhh, okay.
Flewellyn: Well, sure you can.
Flewellyn: Aha, there's one! *POUNCE*
Dubbug: *OMPH*!
Flewellyn: Oops, sorry.
Dubbug: no fair!! you distracted meeee! (whine)
Flewellyn: *picks up gubbie*
Flewellyn: Here you go.
Dubbug: *catch*
Dubbug: ah HAH! *I* caught it!
Flewellyn: You caught...yourself?
Dubbug: yesh
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2011-08-18 10:50 am

"I fell in to the burning pants of fire..."

The wildfires spreading through Texas were apparently started by a dry piece of brush that caught when Rick Perry walked past.

He'd just given a press conference, and his pants were still on fire.
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2011-08-17 06:43 pm

Random silliness

If I ever get married, I think my bride and I will have to compete to see whose dress is prettier.

Because if I DO get married, I will want the day to be memorable for all attending, even after the therapy.
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2011-07-24 04:21 am

And you know, I'd probably like having it.

Dubbug: *wiggle* I bought something from the dollar store awhile back
Flewellyn: Oh, what?
Dubbug: it's a light!
Dubbug: solar powered light
Flewellyn: Oooh.
Flewellyn: ...wait.
Flewellyn: Solar powered...light?
Dubbug: yes!
Dubbug: innit cooool!?
Flewellyn: So...it has to have light shining on it, in order to shine.
Dubbug: tee hee hee
Flewellyn: Umm...
Dubbug: I wish, if it did that, I'd send it to you for present ^^
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2011-07-01 10:51 pm

That *clang* you heard was the impact of the MASSIVE IRONY.

I was just called a communist by a priest, because I insisted that rich people should pay their fair share of taxes to support the system that enabled them to become rich, and to help support those less fortunate than they.

Apparently it's now Church doctrine that it's great to help the poor, but bad to question the system which causes people to be poor in the first place.

Woulda been news to Jesus, I imagine...
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2011-03-20 01:16 am

Context would not help

Dubbug: I'm not entirely sure what it is about japanese ppls and poop
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2011-03-14 12:21 am


So, I just spent some time explaining to Dubbug how nuclear reactors work, so she could understand what was happening in Japan.

Her reaction:

Dubbug: so basically they're just boiling water in there!?
Flewellyn: Yes, that's exactly what they're doing.
Flewellyn: It's like a big pressure cooker.
Flewellyn: But the heat's coming from the nuclear reactions in the uranium fuel.
Dubbug: would it be safe to cook my mushrooms in there?
Flewellyn: Uhh...if you like radioactive mushrooms.
Flewellyn: I don't think you would.
Dubbug: will it make me grow big?
Flewellyn: No, but it might make you have cancer.

I think she was hoping the mushrooms would be like in Super Mario Bros.
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2011-02-19 08:04 pm

The Five Stages of Global Warming Denialism.

You're familiar with the Five Stages of Grief? Well, this is in that vein.

  1. Denial: "Nothing's happening, it was cold this winter!"

  2. Conspiracy Theories: "It's all a plot by climatologists to get more money! Never mind that oil companies make more in a day of drilling than climatologists earn in their lifetimes!"

  3. Partial Denial: "It may be warming, but that's perfectly natural! No evidence it's anthropogenic! Any evidence to the contrary is still a conspiracy against business!"

  4. Positive Spin: "This will turn out to be a good thing! You'll see!"

  5. and finally,
  6. Enraged Acceptance: "Everything sucks now! Why didn't you WARN us?! Stupid scientists!"

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2010-12-11 08:28 pm

Phone conversations for posterity

So, my sister's visiting, and she came over to my place for dinner to meet several friends of mine.

After she left, my friend Ed, with whom she was staying, called:

Ed: Hey, is your sister there?

Me: No, she just left for your place. Why?

Ed: I needed to ask her some questions.

Me: I believe the answers are "three", "yes", and "I was really drunk".

Ed: Hmm..."How many times did you have sex?", "Did you have anal sex?", and "Why?" That works out perfectly! Thanks!

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2010-12-06 08:48 pm

Random silliness

So, a friend told me she had this question on her chem test: "Given blah blah blah, Calculate the *morality* of the NaBr solution."

I replied: "You could point out that it's full of comforting bromides."
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2010-09-29 01:08 pm

Public service announcement

Note: usually, what you want to say is "I could NOT care less". If you say "I could care less", this lacks the impact you desire, unless you state specifically to what degree your level of caring could decrease from its current value.

For example: "I could care less, possibly, but the amount would be measurable only on the Planck scal...e." That works handily, and has the advantage of also being amusing.

This has been a PSA from the Youth Outreach Undertaken to Improve Delivery of Insulting and Obnoxious Tropes (YOUIDIOT).