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So, I'm getting ready for work, and I chance to see Bella laying on the floor. At first I think she's just lounging, but then I notice that she is rolling back and forth, thrashing around, while furiously licking herself.

Apparently, Bella likes to make washing herself into an extreme sport.
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I was challenged by a friend today to come up with one nice thing to say about George W Bush.

After thinking hard for nearly five minutes, all I could manage was this:

"I'm sure he's biodegradable."
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Did you hear the one about the cat who ate some cheese, and waited at the mousehole with baited breath?
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Thanks to my practice of giving bizarre tags to batshit insane fundie books on Amazon, there are now ten books under "autoerotic blowtorch sodomy".

I feel I've really accomplished something.

Edit: Some of my friends have been busy. It's up to 13 now.
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Why? Because I actually bought one of the Time Cube clocks.


Let's take a closer look:

It really works. Kind of hard to read, but it does work.

Yes, I am very silly.

(More serious posting to come later. Right now I am tired and fuzzy-headed.)
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Dammit, when I ordered the cooler weather, I did NOT ask for the side of rhinoviridae. Did I have to spell that out? "Early autumn weather, hold the upper respiratory infections", is that required?

Argh. I want to speak to a supervisor.
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Sometimes, when I voice my concerns that the wealthy have far too much power in our society, I am accused, along with other progressives, of promoting "class warfare".

I have only one response.

The wealthy declared the class war long ago. We are declaring that we have noticed.
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So, this morning, as I was driving to work, I reached an intersection in the semi-rural area north of town, near the bridge I cross to go to work. And, in the middle of this intersection, I saw a teapot, just randomly sitting there. Not broken or anything, just a small blue china teapot, in the middle of the road.

The thought which crossed my mind? "Goodness, did Russell's Teapot somehow fall to Earth? What are the odds?"
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LimpingPigeon: http://newmedia.funnyjunk.com/pictures/CamelSpiderPoster.jpg
Flewellyn: GAAH
Flewellyn: Probably because they're very successful predators?
Flewellyn: By whom?
LimpingPigeon: ?
Flewellyn: Who should do the allowing?
LimpingPigeon: ME!!!
Flewellyn: Ohh.
LimpingPigeon: And I say that those things are just UNCALLED FOR!
Flewellyn: Why?
Flewellyn: I think they're kinda cool.
LimpingPigeon: Because they're huge and icky!
Flewellyn: So is Donald Trump, but...
LimpingPigeon: ... you win
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This is a park in my hometown of Moorhead, Minnesota. We have many of them, but this one is special.

You can probably see why.

Here's another shot, closer in, so you can read the sign better:

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LimpingPigeon: Here's a phrase I did not expect to read today "The Correct Use of Christian Porn". And yet, there it is.


May. 16th, 2009 10:31 pm
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I've discovered that, as far as take-out/delivered pizza goes, I much prefer Pizza Hut for actual pizza. But, I really prefer Papa John's side items.

This leads to some odd questions, such as...should I order from both sometime? Would that end up being too expensive? What if the two delivery people crossed paths at my door? Would they start doing a ninja fight, Mortal Kombat style? Maybe they should combine their powers sometimes to form a giant pizza and side-item robot?

Oh, puzzlement.
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LimpingPigeon: Drawing rings on a planet should be simple!
LimpingPigeon: Why is it not simple???
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: And what's the deal with Uranus?
Flewellyn: What do you mean?
Flewellyn: Tilted on its axis?
LimpingPigeon: With it's crazy sideways rotation axis and shit.
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: Where does it get off?
Flewellyn: Hehehe.
LimpingPigeon: Why can't it just rotate like the other planets?
Flewellyn: Not sure. I think the latest theory is that some other object moved past it and perturbed its orbit.
LimpingPigeon: Well, it should just get over it and get its act together.
LimpingPigeon: I mean, we can't just have planets spinning sideways all over the place.
LimpingPigeon: What will the other solar systems think?
LimpingPigeon: It's how rumors start.
Flewellyn: They will think "Jessi's a geek!"
LimpingPigeon: Gliese 581c is a notorious gossip, you know.
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So I got to see my old college friend, Monique, today. I had not seen her since college, which was quite some time ago, and so we hung out and ate food and talked of many things.

At one point, she groused about fluffy, flakey neopagans who adopt Native American identities and practices in an attempt to be "special" (Monique's family is Lakota and Mandan). I laughed so hard at what she said, that I decided it must be shared here:

*squeaky voice* "Hi, I'm Rainbow Flowerfarter Woman, and this is my husband, Chafe Turdgargler Warrior!"
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So, my friend Kitling (not her real name) mentioned that she ate fish and fowl, but not pork or beef. And she said "There needs to be a word for 'eats fish and fowl but not beef or pork'".

My idea: "nonmammaltarian!"
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LimpingPigeon: And it's totally NORMAL and NOT geeky that I realized today that I am disappointed I no longer have the periodic table of elements memorized.
Flewellyn: I'm quoting you on that.
Flewellyn: *posts*
LimpingPigeon: What is geeky about just wanting to not have to look up the atomic weight of Tungsten?
Flewellyn: *edits post*
LimpingPigeon: It could come up in conversation at ANY MOMENT!
LimpingPigeon: Admittedly, only because all of my friends are incurable geeks.
Flewellyn: *edits post AGAIN*
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I met a dyslexic demonologist today.

He told me he worships Santa.
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Little known fact: while the head of Medusa was taken by Perseus, and her neck stump spawned the Pegasus, the story of what happened to her body was, until recently, lost.

It turns out that her body turned into cheese. Gorgonzola.
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Tur-Mohel -- Evil League Of Evil Application from Ryan Lewis on Vimeo.

I tried embedding, but it broke somehow. Just use the link.


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