Nov. 5th, 2008

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It's November 5th. Election Day, the day I'd been anticipating and dreading for nearly a year, has finally come and gone. And by and large, the good guys won.

It's an odd feeling, honestly; I've gotten so used to that sense of impending electoral catastrophe, that having it over and done with, and mostly positive results at that, is hard to process. It's like having a leg I'd been sitting on coming back online after going to sleep.

Not all good news, though: Michele Bachmann, the neoMcCarthyist idiot fundie godbag representative from Minnesota's most conservative district, has apparently won reelection, and will continue to spew stupidity for some time. And the Franken-Coleman race is still uncalled, and will likely be recounted. And, worst of all, the anti-gay measures in California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, and Florida all passed (well, CA is still not 100% certain, but it looks likely). It wasn't an absolute victory by any means, and there's still much fighting to do. comes the hard part. Obama may not have been my first choice, or my second choice for that matter, but he was, at the end, my choice. And he was America's choice. It still feels strange to hope...but I have the audacity to hope that he was the right choice.
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I was just thinking about the apparent passage of Proposition 8 in California, which re-bans same-sex marriage by amending the state constitution.

Now, that same state constitution guarantees equality before the law to all citizens. This amendment clearly violates that principle.

Absent a successful legal challenge based on that conflict (several have already been filed), it seems to me that there is only one way to resolve it: while Prop 8 remains in effect, the state of California must refuse to issue marriage licenses to anyone.

It's not likely that this would happen, especially considering that the legal challenges to Prop 8's passage have a good chance of succeeding...but wouldn't it be awesome, in an odd way, to see? It would certainly stick in the craws of the fundies who pushed so hard for this discriminatory measure to succeed.


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