Mar. 8th, 2009

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So I got to see my old college friend, Monique, today. I had not seen her since college, which was quite some time ago, and so we hung out and ate food and talked of many things.

At one point, she groused about fluffy, flakey neopagans who adopt Native American identities and practices in an attempt to be "special" (Monique's family is Lakota and Mandan). I laughed so hard at what she said, that I decided it must be shared here:

*squeaky voice* "Hi, I'm Rainbow Flowerfarter Woman, and this is my husband, Chafe Turdgargler Warrior!"
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LimpingPigeon: Drawing rings on a planet should be simple!
LimpingPigeon: Why is it not simple???
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: And what's the deal with Uranus?
Flewellyn: What do you mean?
Flewellyn: Tilted on its axis?
LimpingPigeon: With it's crazy sideways rotation axis and shit.
Flewellyn: I don't know.
LimpingPigeon: Where does it get off?
Flewellyn: Hehehe.
LimpingPigeon: Why can't it just rotate like the other planets?
Flewellyn: Not sure. I think the latest theory is that some other object moved past it and perturbed its orbit.
LimpingPigeon: Well, it should just get over it and get its act together.
LimpingPigeon: I mean, we can't just have planets spinning sideways all over the place.
LimpingPigeon: What will the other solar systems think?
LimpingPigeon: It's how rumors start.
Flewellyn: They will think "Jessi's a geek!"
LimpingPigeon: Gliese 581c is a notorious gossip, you know.


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